Desing your own custom case insert
with MyCaseBuilder!!!

Do you have a case you want to re-purpose?
Or need a NEW case with custom foam?
Mycasebuilder has you covered!



Pelican cases
Pelican Air cases
storm cases
HPRC cases
(Foam Only)

SKB cases
Nanuk cases
Seahorse cases
(Foam Only)
Explorer cases



MyCaseBuilder is your one-stop shop for Custom Foam for your Pelican, Nanuk, SKB or any other case for that matter!

With Mycasebuilder, Pick and Pluck foam is a thing of the past, no more taping the foam to gether to get another few months out of it, no need to send us your expensive items to be measured and drawn, no design fees, just use our amazing software to design it yourself!!!

Choose the case that suits your requirments and use our vast library of shapes and designs or use our photo tracer to do the hard work for you.

MyCaseBuilder News

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Add Radius Corners to your shape

Rounded corners on your squares make them stronger and look good. Now you have the option to add rectangles with a corner radius.   So...

New Photo Tracer

Photo Tracer has been transformed! Extremely easy to use. Create the perfect cuts.